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About Naomi Reesor, RP (Q)

Meet Naomi Reesor, RP (Q)

  • Focus on coping skills and solutions for stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness related to the pandemic

  • Get your practical tools to use in your home

  • Free Yourself from Anxious & Negative Thoughts

  • Focused on you and your individual experiences

  • Reduced rate for sessions (50 % OFF REGULAR RATE!!!!) to help support you

What Can We Do to Connect?

Consider this: the world is shut down, you don't know what to read or respond to, you feel anxious and down on yourself every day, you've lost your job and don't know where to begin, you have kids running around and you're trying to teach them things but can't seem to get a handle on everything, you don't feel like talking to those you love even though you think you should, you aren't eating properly, you aren't exercising, the things you used to enjoy have seemed to dissipate. Does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. It’s a difficult time for everyone. It's hard to stay connected and feel understood and together. With societal, family, work, and other expectations, we can sometimes feel lost.  We’re driven to connect, but there are many things that can get in our way.

What's working – and what isn't?

I know how important it is for you to feel good and move through this time in the best way you can. I focus on helping people like you go from feeling anxious, down on themselves, disconnected, frustrated and lonely to feeling connected, understood, and valued. I have helped many people identify the experiences and patterns that held them back and I specialize in trauma (like what we are currently all facing now!). The focus of my work is to help you move away from your current unhelpful and harmful feelings toward new ways of being that help you get what you want.

Therapy is a place to take some time to really notice what’s working and what isn't. You get to sort things out in a judgement-free zone with someone outside of your intimate circle. In me you will find an anti-oppressive, trauma-informed therapist who will empathize with your concerns, challenge you when needed, and set you up to come up with your own answers whenever possible. 

I don’t believe you need “fixing.” You are already wonderful the way you are. I will help you build upon the strengths you already have and let go of the things that are making life difficult. My goal is to help you move toward a life, albeit changed, that works for you.

It takes courage and self-awareness to ask for help. I commend you for getting to this point.

Let's take this to the next level: claim your appointment. If you still have unanswered questions, book a free consult so we can get to know each other better. It's always at your own pace.

Naomi Reesor is covered under insurance under Registered Psychotherapist (Q) under the direct supervision of Cindy Cepparo, RSW, MSW (Supervised Social Worker Coverage). If you are only covered under supervised psychologist or registered psychotherapist, please click here to be directed to working with Christina Simonetti Monday to Friday. 


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