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time to say goodbye...

I have loved working with you and doing this work, but I have chosen to move into the season of motherhood. As such, I will be taking a permanent "mom-leave" as of March 8th and have chosen to close the practice. Sad sad, but also very exciting. If you need to reach me after March 8th, I will still be accessible at for the time being. If you need to reach Carman, she will be accessible at

I want to make sure that you are in good hands- so please read on for some recommendations.

Therapists for you to consider:

I am hopeful that you will look for a new therapist with a lens of curiosity and openness. Getting the fit right can be a challenge, but when you do it can bloom into something wonderful. 


Here are some referrals to get you started: 


Individual Therapy (Online & Phone): 


Therapy in the Clouds

*This practice also does Couple Therapy.


Denise Smith, RSW, MSW

Carman Brown, RSW, MSW


Individual & Couple (In-Person / Online):


Life in Harmony


Your Story Counselling


Rosen Couples Counselling

Innersight Psychotherapy

Therapist Directories to Check Out:


I wish you all the best!


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