Learn to work through your anxiety better

  • Understand your anxiety better

  • Move through obsessive thoughts

  • Learn to manage stressors

  • Move through anxious experiences to access a more full life

  • Anti-oppressive, trauma informed approach

  • Gain tools to move through anxious thoughts and feelings

Working through your anxiety symptoms can often feel impossible and overwhelming. You may be worried that the people around you don’t actually like you, experience a great amount of stress when something isn't going according to plan, or obsess over thoughts that you know do not seem rationale. Tackling these challenges on your own can be daunting, yet all these scenarios can be addressed with the proper support.

In my experience, I have worked with many individuals who struggle with similar stressors and other aspects of living with anxiety. Most clients who reach out to me are eager for support but unaware of where to even start. Together, we look at how their anxiety interferes with their lives, what other stressors may be impacting their anxious thoughts, and develop a plan to begin addressing these challenges through engaging in activities during therapy and worksheets for self-reflection outside session. 


Our work together may look like gaining control of your negative thoughts, decrease time that you spend ruminating, and finding it easier to connect with others without fear of judgement. If this is appealing to you, I look forward to working together.

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Hi! I'm Cassandra Fezzuoglio, MSW!.


  • Master of Social Work Degree, University of Windsor

  • Hons. Human Rights & Equity Studies Degree, York University

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, O.I.S.E, University of Toronto

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

  • Child Welfare Immigration Centre of Excellence:

    • An Introduction to the Canadian Immigration System (Oct. 2020)

    • Asylum Seekers and Denied Refugee Claimants (Nov. 2020)

    • Kinship Services (Oct. 2019)

    • Signs of Safety (March 2018)

    • Child, Youth and Family Services Act – Changes (May 2018)

    • Children in Care (May 2018) Violence Against Women Sector/ Children’s Aid Society

    • Collaboration in Practice (Sept. 2018)


  • Registered Social Worker

  • Master of Social Work

*Insurance Coverage through 'Social Worker'