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What to Do During Isolation

By: Shaila Anjum

While many of us are fed up with self-isolating and consistently looking for a way out, some of us have started to see this as a good thing. As cheesy as this is - we have been given the opportunity to take our TIME to invest in ourselves.

Here are some things you can do while in isolation:

1. Work on a healthy wake-up and bedtime routine.

  • Research suggests meditating or doing yoga first thing in the morning can help to reduce anxiety and stress for the day (Marett, 2019). Meditation helps your pituitary glands release endorphins (your feel good hormones) (Marett, 2019).

  • Having a healthy breakfast provides fuel for your day.

  • Put the phone away, give social media a break, & do something nourishing for yourself.

  • Some suggestions: develop a skincare routine, meditate, take a bath, give yourself a massage, breathe deeply, practice gratitude.

2. Healthy Diet

  • I am sure most of us are familiar with waking up and being on the go, in which case our diet often suffers. This is a good time to begin a healthy diet plan and maintain it

  • Check out @drjoeyshulman for some great healthy eating tips.

3. Cultivate New Hobbies

  • Exercise

  • Knitting

  • Baking

  • Cooking

  • Painting

  • Sketching

Want more ideas? Check out the article on inexpensive self care here.


Marett, L. N. (2019). Start your day off with silence - 4 benefits of morning meditation. Retrieved from

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