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For many of us, treating others in a kind and caring manner comes naturally. We are often consciously aware of the suffering of others, and work towards alleviating this in different ways. However, many people struggle with directing that same compassion towards themselves. Have you ever berated yourself for a simple mistake that you would never judge someone else for? If you have, you are not alone. Many people struggle with combatting their own selfcritic.


Our self-critical voice is not always negative and does in fact serve an evolutional purpose. When utilized positively, it can alert us to when we make a mistake so that we can learn to act differently in the future. However, for some people this critical voice surpasses evaluation and manifests in negative, cruel, and even abusive language. When this self-critical voice persists over time, it becomes engrained in the core beliefs we hold of ourselves and blocks us from recognizing our own achievements or showing care and kindness towards ourselves. Over time, this self-criticism may begin to affect our well-being and lead to struggles with anxiety, depression, self-hatred, and more.


What's Included:


- Information on what self compassion is, how it is beneficial to you, & why it matters

- Practical tools to reflect on to transform your self critical voice to a self compassionate one

- Exercises and activities to help you practice self compassion and compassion towards others


Who this is ideal for:


- People with a strong inner critic

- People who want to improve their self talk

- People who are trying to improve their self compassionate responses

- People who support other people

- People whow want to live more compassionately


Why this package:


- It was created to help support your self compassion

- It was created by a Registered Psychotherapist with two Masters degrees in Psychology

- It is filled with exercises and tools to improve your relationship with yourself and be compassionate toward others


So, what are you waiting for? Let's get self compassionate together!

Self Compassion Package

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