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Hi, I'm Christina Simonetti. I am a Registered Psychotherapist who helps people with relationship anxiety.

i help people:

  • Improve Their Relationships

  • Free Themselves from Anxious Thoughts and Behaviours

  • Make Room for Love & Connection

  • Learn to have and sustain healthy relationships

"Learn to love you better."


Consider these scenarios: a partner who’s not giving you the love that you want--maybe too focused on their phone, social media, or maybe just not committing in the way you need them to. Going online over and over again to be met with tonnes of matches but wondering if any of them will actually be for you. Fearing getting hurt again or being vulnerable after a bad breakup. Or perhaps- you're in a relationship but you can't stop questioning if this person is going to be loyal- or even cares about you. Perhaps you check your phone constantly for messages that don't seem to arrive. Maybe it makes you feel "crazy" and  "needy". Maybe you don't know where to begin. Does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. It’s challenging to find and sustain healthy relationships. We may not realize how much our programming affects our ability to really engage in our relationships in healthy ways. But- the good news is- we can break out of it and learn to have healthier relationships. 


Relationship anxiety awareness can make all the difference in challenging yourself to move through your own stuff. A lot of times, we make stories to account for the things that are happening for us. The problem is- the stories we tell ourselves are not always accurate- and better yet- they can be DAMAGING to our self confidence and relationships. So, check yourself before you wreck yourself. 

Ask yourself: What stories am I telling myself here? Do they have evidence that supports them? Is my evidence based on facts or feelings? I like facts. If it's based on feelings, let yourself acknowledge what's happening. Where do you feel them in your body?

I want you to cultivate an awareness of your experience. 

Relationship anxiety is one of the most common things I address in session because so many people are afraid when it comes to love.


Here's what I believe: We sometimes grow up with wounds from people who are closest to us (parents, relatives, friends) that tell us that we are not worthy. Sometimes, it's not even the people that say these things- it's our way of internalizing the feelings and beliefs from those situations. The problem is: when we grow up feeling unworthy without someone to validate our experiences, we often choose partners who aren't good for us (unconsciously, of course). Then, we act in ways that bring out the very fears we are trying to avoid (SHA- BAM!).


Learning to love yourself and appreciate the fact that it's okay to be afraid is the first step. We want to regroup to establish a sense of wholeness to assert that you are enough- no matter what. 


THIS CAN BE SO DIFFICULT! I get it & that's why I love working with people to move through it.  

help is a call away.

what I can do to help:

I know how important your relationships are to your well-being. I focus on helping people like you go from feeling anxious, disconnected, frustrated and lonely to feeling connected, understood, and valued. I have helped many people identify the experiences and patterns that held them back from finding and sustaining healthy relationships. The focus of my work is to help you move away from your past and find new ways of being that help you get what you want.

Therapy is a place to take some time each week (or every two weeks) to really notice what’s working and what isn't. You get to sort things out in a judgement-free zone with someone outside of your intimate circle. In me you will find a warm, straightforward therapist who will empathize with your concerns, challenge you when needed, and set you up to come up with your own answers whenever possible. We'll even joke around at how great you're going to get at calling out your own stuff and TRANSFORMING.

Please know, you are already wonderful the way you are. My goal is to help you build upon the strengths you already have and let go of the things that are making life difficult.

It takes courage and self-awareness to ask for help. I commend you for getting to this point. So, don't wait to feel better for yourself and your relationships, click a link below so we can keep talking.

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