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Hi! I'm Shaila Anjum & I'm a Registered Psychotherapist (Q). My goal is to help you with your mental and emotional wellbeing.

As someone who has previously struggled with trauma and understands how this can affect every aspect of your life, years into the future, I pay special attention to mental health. Experiencing traumatic events can make us feel anxious, depressed, stressed, and more. We then bring all of this with us to other areas of our lives, impacting personal and professional relationships. Oftentimes, we don't realize this impact until we see the negative effects of it. 


My own journey has pushed me to seek resources and education regarding mental wellbeing. With over five years of clinical work experience, I continue to expand my knowledge to help others use tools best suited to tackle what they are battling with. My journey to healing was very unique, and I know yours is too. Together, I aim to bring a collaborative approach to help you get to where you want to go. In our collaboration, we will create a safe and open space for you to explore your true self and build the roadmap to your happiness.  


I look forward to connecting with you!

What our work together may look like if you choose to work with me:

  • Understand your mental health better

  • Learn to move through unhealthy, unhelpful thoughts

  • Learn to manage stressors

  • Learn to manage and process your emotions in healthier ways

  • Anti-oppressive, trauma informed approach

  • Gain practical tools to use in everyday life

Here's a glimpse into the training I've taken until this point to help people with their mental health. 


  • Masters of Counselling Psychology (In Practicum)

  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology

  • Behaviour Analyst Post-Graduate Certificate

  • Trauma Counselling Strategies for Healing and Resilience (CTRI)


  • Registered Psychotherapist (Q)

  • Master of Counselling Psychology (In Practicum)

  • Registered Behaviour Technician

*Insurance Coverage through 'Social Worker'

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