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help is a call away.

  • Improve Your Relationships

  • Free Yourself from Anxious & Negative Thoughts

  • Make Room for Love & Connection

  • Work Through Grief

  • Heal from Trauma

  • Find Meaning & Purpose

  • Understand & Deal with your Anger

Individual Therapy

in Vaughan

What Can We Do to Connect?

Consider these scenarios: a partner who’s not giving you the love that you want--maybe too focused on their phone, social media, or maybe just not committing in the way you need them too. Going online over and over again to be met with tonnes of matches but wondering if any of them will actually be for you. Fearing getting hurt again or being vulnerable after a bad breakup. Dealing with the stress and grief of losing a loved one. Not managing your anger effectively and compromising key elements of your life because of it. Feeling lost and unsure of what you're supposed to do with your life and getting overwhelmed because of it. Feeling stuck in the past because of something that happened to you. Does any of this sound familiar? You are not alone. It’s a difficult time to stay connected and feel understood. With societal, family, work, and other expectations, we can sometimes feel lost.  We’re driven to connect, but there are many things that can get in our way.

What's working – and what isn't?

I know how important your relationships are for your well-being. I focus on helping people like you go from feeling disconnected, frustrated and lonely to feeling connected, understood, and valued. I have helped many people identify the experiences and patterns that held them back. The focus of my work is to help you move away from your past and find new ways of being that help you get what you want.

Therapy is a place to take some time each week to really notice what’s working and what isn't. You get to sort things out in a judgement-free zone with someone outside of your intimate circle. In me you will find a chilled, warm, straightforward therapist who will empathize with your concerns, challenge you when needed, and set you up to come up with your own answers whenever possible. We'll even joke around at how great you're going to get at calling out your own stuff.  

I don’t believe you need “fixing.” You are already wonderful the way you are. I will help you build upon the strengths you already have and let go of the things that are making life difficult.

It takes courage and self-awareness to ask for help. I commend you for getting to this point.

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