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Clinical Director, Psychotherapist, TRE Provider, Coach

Christina is the founder of the practice. She believes in equality, emotional and psychological wellness and a better life for everyone. Read more here.



Registered Psychotherapist (Q),

Supervising Social Worker 

Naomi is our lead Steeles location psychotherapist. She enjoys working collaboratively with clients to deepen insight and develop new skills.  Her previous experience includes working with individual adults and couples facing different challenges including anxiety, depression, issues around gender and sexuality, low-self-esteem, obsessive compulsive disorder, sexual assault, and childhood trauma. Read more here.


Denise Smith

Clinical Social Worker

Denise values people’s individuality and believes each person is the expert of their own lives. She acknowledges that sometimes all we need is for someone to listen and help us put things into perspective. Read more here.



Content Creator

Alessia holds an Honours BSC with a double major in Biology and Psychology. She is passionate about children and has experience working with children of all ages, including those who require special attention. In the future, she aspires to become a psychotherapist. Alessia believes that every individual placed on this earth has a purpose. Through guidance and ongoing support, individuals can reach empowerment as the happiness that resides within them becomes uncovered.



Content Creator

Isabella is currently completing her BA in Psychology at Ryerson University. Isabella recognizes the strength and sustainability of using psychotherapy/mindfulness approaches to treat mental health problems and is passionate about practicing mindfulness through meditation and yoga. In the future, Isabella aspires to obtain a MA in counselling to support people in their journeys to enrich themselves and create healthier, more fulfilling lives.



Content Creator

Leah Hovey holds an Honours BA in Psychology and Applied Sciences from the University of Guelph-Humber. Since then, she has been pursuing research within Indigenous Mental Health and has been actively writing about mental health disorders that affect individuals on a daily basis. Her areas of interest include grief counselling, Family, Divorce & Couples Mediation, Sex & Relationship therapy and Elder care. 


Content Creator

Shaila Anjum is in the process of completing her Honours with Thesis BA in Psychology and Applied Sciences at the University of Guelph-Humber. Shaila understands that perception plays a significant role in mental health and aims to gain a wholesome understanding of various therapies that best fit different individuals to provide an effective treatment in the future as therapist specializing in CBT. 



Content Creator

Julia is a Psychology and Creative Writing Honours BA graduate with experience and training working with vulnerable children and adults in need of emotional and psychological support. She believes in the power of positive thinking and is passionate in helping people expand and change their perception to gain a more positive perspective. She firmly believes in treating every individual by considering each person’s unique experiences and qualities rather than viewing them as a collection of symptoms or a diagnosis.